No One Travels Better Than ‘The Best Travelled’

The beauty of venturing off the beaten trail


No One Travels Better Than The Best Travelled

Beauty lies in Simplicity
Beauty lies in Simplicity

Travelling means different things to different people. For some, it is a break from monotony, for others it may be about exploring at an easy pace. But somewhere between these people are the ones who are committed to travelling as a life-long project. They want to experience every nook and cranny of the world. They want to feel every region, touch every culture, and explore the out-of-the-way places that suffer in comparison to dazzling capitals. There is much more to a country than the famous tourist spots that capture all the limelight. The best travelled are those who don’t travel to check regions off their list but to immerse themselves into a culture, and become one with the regions.

Founded four years ago, The Best Travelled (TBT), is a community of travellers who have not only journeyed extensively, but right into the soul of each country, continent, city, villages and streets. The founders of the website want to give a platform to all those who dare to embark on a journey spanning across 1281 regions of the world. These are the people who are committed to the idea of exploring the hidden gems and bringing them to surface through their experiences. These travellers now have The Best Travelled platform where they can share their stories and the beauty of travelling into the lesser known corners of the world, inspiring awe and encouragement from other like-minded people.

They See As Far as The Eyes Can See

The Best Travelled is not just a website; it is a vision. It is a dream to become the single reference point for 1281 world regions. It is an ambition to encourage the traveller community to look beyond the glitz and glamour of cities and venture off the beaten path, to explore authentic cultures first hand and embark on a journey of self-realization. Most importantly, it is a long-term initiative to make far and wide travel accessible through sponsorships for travellers from developing nations.

The treat for the best traveled!
The treat for the best traveled!

The Best Travelled community is built on a single cohesive principle, Dare – Share – Discover. All those who have a serious case of itchy feet can come to their website and engage with an active community of travellers from all over the world, and learn a thing or two from their experience. Besides, what good is all this learning if you don’t share? The travellers can use this platform to post their experiences in the form of their stories and pictures to inspire others to take their path. This is especially important for regions that remain hidden due to lack of information.

Treasures of nature

Have You Only Just Scratched The Surface?

If you are amongst those who truly dare, you may want to know your progress from time to time. The points system introduced by The Best Travelled is a unique way to determine how much have you travelled and how much more ground you truly need to cover to call yourself a “round the world” traveller.

Through a balanced division of the world into 1281 regions, The Best Travelled accords points to sovereign states based on their cultural, economic and touristic importance to the world. Over the course of years, this list has earned respect and acknowledgement from not just TBT members but also the general community of big travellers.

Stillness, playfulness in a single frame
Stillness, playfulness in a single frame

TBT is a one-of-a-kind platform that helps genuine travellers to see outside the popular tourist spots and explore a region in its real sense. If you dare to travel, if you dream to touch every corner of the world, and would like to do so with people just like you, then welcome to TBT.

The Article Courtesy: Kanika Gupta, International Travel Writer

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