Vicki Hudson, an enchanting poet and talented artist, invites you to explore a world of imagination in her charming new children’s book, Playing with Angels.

NOKOMIS, FL, May 23, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — The book was first imagined when she saw the confusion and questioning that her young grandson experienced after losing his best friend, his pet dog.

In this book, she strives to provide children a way of viewing the afterlife that is both relatable and extraordinary. The beautifully illustrated pages depict Angels doing many exciting and fun things that children do in their everyday lives. Then, Vicki introduces the magical by showing Angels doing special things, too.

This beautifully illustrated collection of children’s rhyming poems captures the innocence, joy, and boundless creativity of childhood, making it a must-have for young readers and families alike.

A Peek into the Magic:
Playing With Angels is a delightful anthology that brings to life the whimsical adventures of Angels as they go about doing what Angels do. The pages of this book show Angels running races and climbing trees, enjoying picnics, and dancing on the shore. Each poem is a celebration of the simple pleasures and imaginative escapades that define childhood. Hudson’s lyrical verses and vibrant illustrations transport readers to a world where Angels are just like us, sharing in the joys of everyday life. She also showcases the magic of Angels by showing them doing special things, like shaking out the stars and waking the sun.

Highlights from Playing with Angels:
Angels are just like you and me: This poem sets the stage for the adventures to come by explaining that Angels do similar activities of children and then opens the door to the magical by making sure it’s understood that Angels do special things, too.
Sisters: A heartwarming poem that tells the tale of sibling rivalry and unexpected friendship at the fair.

Puddles: Join in the fun of puddle jumping and rediscover the joy of rainy days in this poem.

The Garden: A poem that depicts serene retreat, filled with butterflies, flowers, and special moments with a beloved pet.

Fishing: This poem is an adventure at the stream where the joy of fishing is about the experience, not the catch.

The Picnic: Delight in a whimsical picnic with a doll and some friendly forest creatures in this poem.

Flying: Soar with the birds and imagine the thrill of flight on a beautiful beach day in this poem.

Wishes: This poem imagines a way to make dreams come true by blowing dandelion seeds into the breeze in a magical meadow.

The Playhouse: This poem explores the endless adventures that can happen in a special playhouse between an Angel and her best friend, a dog.

Dancing: This poem shows Angels enjoying the seashore, finding magic in every movement.

The Kite: Learn the art of kite flying and enjoy the thrill of the wind lifting your dreams in this poem.

Goodbye for Now: This poem reflects on the adventures experiences in the pages before and introduces that Angels get to shake out stars and wake the sun.

Vicki Hudson is an accomplished artist based in Southwest, Florida. Her love for storytelling and her deep connection to nature and spirituality shines through in her work. Hudson’s creative talents bring a unique blend of whimsy and warmth to her poetry and illustrations, making Playing with Angels a treasure for readers of all ages.

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