With 20 years in the healthcare industry, Julia Colf brings with her a myriad of skills in pediatrics, case management, and management.

NEW YORK, NY, July 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — With 20 years in the healthcare industry, Julia Colf brings with her a myriad of skills in pediatrics, case management, and management. Mrs. Colf is currently at HCSC of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas. Striving to better herself through opportunities and hard work, the American Health Council is proud to recognize Mrs. Colf for her contributions in healthcare.

Graduating with her MBA (2016) from Keller/DeVry University, and with an MSN from Chambering College of Nursing for Healthcare Administration (2014), Colf is currently pursuing her DBA with a concentration in Healthcare from Northcentral University. Colf has been with HCSC since 2013, and specializes in case management within the health insurance sector. Colf’s day to day responsibilities include the direct oversight of clinical operations for a team of nurse case managers servicing Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Montana, and Oklahoma.

According to Julia, she knew at a young age that her future would be in the healthcare industry. While studying in high school, Colf started her healthcare journey at a nursing home, solidifying her passion within the medical field. Julia attributes her success to the support and encouragement of her parents, children, and husband, Michael.

Additional success attributes include her drive to advance her knowledge and skill set and continue to adapt and grow on a daily basis. Acknowledging that there are always opportunities for improvement, Colf strives to offer value and be an asset within her role. Colf’s mission is to be a positive influence as well as an effective leader in an administrative level role that positively impacts organizational challenges of care, delivery, and financial aspects of today’s complex healthcare system. Colf’s top 5 strengths identified through Gallup Strengthfinder include strategic, relator, individualization, input, and futuristic.

Professional awards and honors that Colf has received throughout her career include the 2012 International Nurses Association Award for Outstanding Case Manager (New Mexico). In 2015 and 2016, she received leadership awards from her management staff at HCSC. Colf was also inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success (2016), and most recently (2017), received the NCU Leading the Way Scholarship.

Julia also shares affiliations with The American Nurses Association, Commission for Case Management, National Association for Healthcare Quality, and the National Honor Society, among others. Colf plans to pursue an NEA-BC certification though the ANCC and a Lean Six Sigma certification.

An advocate for a healthy life balance, Colf enjoys spending time with her family, skeet shooting, being outdoors, reading, and volunteering or donating to worthy causes.

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