Among the people of Jakarta, Bandung is a popular destination for a weekend getaway. The city is only 3 hours away from Indonesian capital; with a distance this close, it is normal for the Jakartans to escape the Metropolitan’s hubbubs to Bandung’s much calmer atmosphere. If you happen to be in Jakarta, Bandung sure is a perfect addition to your holiday itinerary. You do not have to spend the entire weeks in the city. Just a couple of days would be enough. However, if you do indeed have more time to spend, you need to know about Bandung Indonesia points of interest. Bandung boasts tons of attractions that will never cease to light your vacation up.

You can rely on Bandung Indonesia points of interest trip advisor for this very purpose. Hundreds of people who have ever visited this city would put their two cents on how the city’s scene would play into your vacation plan. Needless to say, these reviews are presented through a reviewer’s subjective point of view. If you are to read all the reviews on that online travel agent, take them with a grain of salt. What does not work for others may just do for you and vice versa. Their words act as a guide for you to pare down your options to some of the best.

General Bandung Indonesia points of interest tourist often flocks to are varied; they are not that much different from what other cities in Indonesia have to offer to a tourist. Golf courses and zoo are there to enjoy. Malls and shopping centers pepper the major streets. But what sets Bandung apart from others is that the city is known for its cheap clothing. Factory outlets are thriving in this city—these are places that sell clothing that was rejected by major sellers or those that were overproduced by the manufacturer. When resold through these outlets, the items’ price is significantly reduced. Malaysians and Singaporeans are known to come to Bandung solely for purchasing textiles and clothes in bulk. Bandung is also known as a heaven for food-lovers. Local and traditional cuisines are gems to experience. But the people of Bandung are known for their experimenting nature toward food. Many food items hailing from Bandung become popular among Indonesians and this could also apply to those coming from abroad. If you are interested in purchasing cheap clothes, streets such as Djuanda, Setia Budi, Riau, and Cihampelas are lined with shops and stores offering you everything from t-shirts to denims. Beyond these, here are some examples of choices you can take:

  1. Malls and Shopping Center

Paris van Java, Ciwalk (Cihampelas Walk), Bandung Indah Plaza, and Bandung Supermall are to mention a few of available places you can visit.

  1. Lakes

Patenggang Lake (surrounded by tea plantation) and KawahPutih (crater lake) could be two of the options for you to take.

  1. Bandung Basin viewpoints

Bongkor protected forest area is 1,500 meters above sea level, covered in pine trees.