The Intelligent & Quickest Path to jump start your GDPR & Regulatory Compliance

BUFFALO GROVE, IL, June 16, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — BigDataRevealed(BDR) an emerging Big Data technology company announces Version 2.0 with additional features for Sequestering files in Hadoop Encrypted Zones containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and discovery of Indirect Identifiers! BDR now allows Secure Encryption at the folder level (via Hadoop Encrypted Zones) to its AES 256 Encryption at the File & Column levels via BDR-Secure-Sequester-Encrypt functionality.

Use the Right Software Product, built completely within the Hadoop ecosystem, and you can harness the incredible power of Hadoop, dramatically reduce the need for highly skilled Data Scientists and Managers and be on your way to GDPR compliance. BigDataRevealed is that Software Product.

Keep your existing legacy systems functioning without disruption or degradation and begin meeting the demands of GDPR using Apache Hadoop as your central Data / File Store. Let us show you how.

What BigDataRevealed 1.0 already does for you.

– Discover Personally Identifiable Information (PII) by searching every column in every row. We don’t use a randomizing algorithm that searches only a fraction of your columns looking for undiscovered PII data.
– Encrypt PII wherever it is found
– Process Streaming data
– Allow Data Scientists to drill down and view suspected PII data in any column
– Sequester the Original file in a Hadoop managed Encrypted Zone for reference
– Remove files and historical versions where PII was discovered
– Provide Workflow Management screens for task assignment and completion control
– Provide an Intelligent Catalog/Metadata for:
o collaborative efforts and file/columnar naming
– Discovery for Peoples rights to be forgotten

What BigDataRevealed 2.0 will do for you this July 1st, 2017:
– Provide an Intelligent Catalog/Metadata for:
o Indirect file matching to determine Indirect Identifiers
– The use of Hadoop Encrypted Zones for additional sequestering of sensitive Data

It’s this simple:
1. Download BDR and supporting Hadoop components
2. 30 minutes to install and implement
3. Your Audit/Assessment and Compliance Projects begin today and at the speed of Hadoop

About BigDataRevealed: BigDataRevealed’s mission is to deliver tools that improve the usability of the big data environment. Our flagship product, the Intelligent Catalog, is the engine from which we produce numerous out of the box analytic capabilities critical for productive use of the big data environment. BigDataRevealed’s staff is relentless in its efforts to devise and build capabilities not offered by traditional big data vendors. Our intention is to continually automate labor intensive processes that provide essential information needed by nearly every company.

For more information please reach us at [email protected]. Sign up for your 3-5 Day Audit Assessment for EU GDPR as well as all Government Compliances. or request to download that BDR Application for a 15 day trial. [email protected]

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