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NEW YORK, NY, March 11, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — What makes a star a star? Besides heaps of charisma, talent, and striking hot looks, what they put in their bodies—and look great doing it—is just as important. If you’re wondering what their favorite drinks are, we’re presenting this series to help you get closer to the stars, two at a time.

Alicia Keys’ Water
There are some good reasons Alicia Keys is full of brilliant charm. One of them is that she drinks water religiously. She learned from her makeup artist (who actually got her to go makeup free), who learned from a Georgian woman who once gave her a lymphatic massage. Turns out it’s a classic Eastern European tip that women have been using for centuries. “She told me this and…I’m addicted. From when I get up in the morning until 2:00pm, I drink two liters of water. From 2:00-5:00pm, I drink one liter of water, and after 5:00pm, I just sip my water.” Struggling with her skin in younger years, Keys says it clears her complexion, helps her sleep, and overall improves her quality of life.

Pure or flavored, our line of waters has expanded to keep you hydrated and stimulated throughout the seasons. We offer pure Evian and Essentia brands and specialty varieties like O.VINE, Badoit, Hildon, and Lurisia. Flavored options include Mountain Valley’s Sparkling Blackberry Pomegranate Water, Voss Sparkling Strawberry Ginger, and O.VINE Alcohol-Free Red Wine Essence Water. They’re perfect to serve at home, at the bar, or in the restaurant.

Check out our wide assortment of pure waters and flavored waters.

Joe Rogan’s Zevia
Besides some of his new faves that pack CBD into the convenience of a can, Joe Rogan has had a promiscuous affair with beverages since he’s launched his famous podcast. But one of his mainstays on the show has been Zevia, a “clean” and funky line of zero-calorie, no sugar drinks with stevia-leaf extract. Joe likes it so much he’s shared it with guests on the air.

What’s the fancy ingredient? A cousin of daisies and ragweed and native to South America, stevia is a sweetener 100 to 300 times stronger than sugar that absorbs cleanly in the body. In episode #1054, Rogan talks with Dr. Rhonda Patrick about stevia, noting that unlike saccharine and other sweeteners, stevia contains no carbs and doesn’t spike blood sugar, which has made it a popular sweetener for those trying to lose some weight and manage blood sugar.

Combining natural flavors with stevia-leaf extract, Zevia will zest up your day. It has no added sugar, and Joe would approve. Buy a pack of our Lemon Lime Twist Zevia here.

If you want to have something in common with your favorite celebrity, start with their favorite drink. Drink like a star or try one of our high-class but less popular beverages. Who knows, it could be you who sets the next drink trend.

Tune in to Favorite Drinks of the Stars next month to hear what your favorite stars are drinking, and, need we say it again, look so good doing it.

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