Simplicity and Focus Are Key

NEW YORK, NY, October 24, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The simplicity of a modern landscape draws many in as it represents a peaceful oasis, which is especially beneficial to those with hectic lives. Here are our tips for making your space a modern oasis.

Designing a modern landscape has just as much to do with materials as it does with plants. Many modern landscapes utilize concrete through either pathways, patios, or even planters. As for accents, wood or metal are the top choices.

Clean Lines
Neatly organized lines are a signature part of modern design. These lines can be formed with plants, hardscape, water elements, lighting or more. They provide a sleek way of organizing a landscape into symmetric segments.

One Color
Choose one color and make it the focus of your design. Sticking to a color scheme is indicative of the simplicity that modern landscapes are all about. By mixing colors, your landscape becomes more traditional instead of modern.

Bold Pieces
With so much repetition, design can begin to look dull and boring rather than sleek and modern. Avoid this by taking advantage of bold pieces to create a focal point. Make sure your bold pieces are consistent with the rest of your design and avoid using harsh colors.

Regardless of the plants you choose, it is important to think of where you place your plants in terms of geometry. All the pieces should fit together just right and should be placed equal distances apart. Items should always be placed in straight lines like squares and rectangles, rather than circles.

The Right Plants
Modern designs require less planting than traditional design, so the plants you choose matter even more. Plants with a distinct form are ideal because they can be clipped and formed depending on the needs of your space. Ultimately, any plant with a strong visual punch can work when used properly.

With so many elements to consider, it can seem difficult to create a landscape that reflects your modern taste. At John Mini Distinctive Landscapes, there’s no need to worry because our experts can help you achieve the landscape of your dreams.

Founded on passion and ambition, at John Mini, we create the unexpected. With over 40 years of experience pushing the limits of landscaping, John Mini designs, constructs and maintains indoor, outdoor, and holiday landscapes for corporate and commercial clients in the Tri-State area.

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