The firm invites undergraduate and graduate students to apply for support ahead of the 2024/2025 academic year.

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 01, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Undergraduate and graduate students looking for financial support ahead of their Spring 2025 semester can apply for Omega Law Group’s new scholarship, the 2024 Community Growth Scholarship. This award promises $2,500 to a student who can demonstrate a life-changing commitment to the world around them.

Omega Law Group encourages students to ask themselves questions about the communities that mean the most to them and how those communities have transformed their lives. To qualify for the 2024 Community Growth Scholarship, students must cover the following topics:

– What communities do you resonate with?
– How have these communities played a role in your life?
– How have these communities changed the trajectory of your life?
– How have you given back to these communities?

Students can answer these questions in either a written essay or a video essay. Written essays must answer these questions in under 1,000 words and pass plagiarism tests. Students completing video essays should keep their essays between one and two minutes. Video essays should also include B-roll, interview, and software credits.

Omega Law Group’s scholarship selection committee regrettably cannot consider applications submitted without all essential materials or after the scholarship’s submission deadline expires.

The team reserves up to three months to select a winner from its applicant pool. The team will only contact its winning student. All applicants can keep an eye on Omega Law Group’s website for a blog post and press release announcing its winner.

Omega Law Group wishes all students applying for the 2024 Community Growth Scholarship the best of luck in creating their essays!

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