Rave Gazebo is the first of its kind, a dance-interactive VR album that uses the user’s movements to remix songs in real time.

LOWELL, MA, December 12, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Gregory Osborne is releasing the Rave Gazebo album on App Lab and Steam Dec 12, 2023. It features six songs with music by indie musicians Ratface, Stin, Falling Starheart, exjaynine, and Greg_OS.

Traditional music games tend to focus on rewarding the player for feeling the beat and responding to prompts on screen, but the music stops if the player doesn’t perform well. Rave Gazebo is a sandbox experience where the music system actively listens to when the user moves and responds accordingly, and there’s no way to ‘lose’ the song.

When asked what inspired Rave Gazebo, Gregory says: “When I was trying VR music creation tools, I found that the onboarding time before getting a decent-sounding loop of music was at least 20 minutes, and in a lot of cases you had to already be a musician to understand the tools. Rave Gazebo gives non-musician users the power to immediately switch between pre-composed tracks that sound good no matter what you do.”

Rave Gazebo’s colorful worlds are built to respond to the user’s gestures, bouncing and glitching out with impossible visual effects like portals painted in the shape of dancers. Virtual reality allows users to play around with physics such as trashing a club in zero-gravity or throwing lobsters at each other to make them explode.

Find out more at: https://www.gosborneaudio.com/rave-gazebo

Gregory Osborne graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2019 with an emphasis on studying video game music implementation. He works as an XR Development Instructor at XR Terra, a subsidiary of The Glimpse Group, where he has been teaching students to develop XR applications in Unity, on iPads, or using web-based tools since March 2020. He has been passing along the lessons learned from developing Rave Gazebo to his students and looks forward to applying these lessons to future VR music tools.

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