SmartyAds, global ad tech software provider launches advanced AI-powered Demand Side Platform with new innovative ad formats, advanced on-demand analytics, and more enhanced PMP.

NEW YORK, NY, December 02, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — SmartyAds Demand Side Platform is an innovative media buying & user acquisition tool for branding and performance ad campaigns. The platform covers all possible platforms and mediums: mobile, desktop, in-app, and CTV.

“We took into account all the desires mentioned by our advertisers and tried to make the process of traffic buying much easier. On the new DSP version more targeting options appeared, such as demographic options, device brand targeting, ZIP code targeting, etc.” said Lusine Tsaturyan, BizDev Manager at SmartyAds DSP.

Reportedly, renewed and redesigned SmartyAds DSP is empowered with most advanced technologies and customized analytics, along with more relevant retargeting functions, which help to accelerate new ad campaigns. The increased amount of ad servers – 30+ is a competitive advantage that enhances the capacity of SmartyAds DSP and gives 6 times higher traffic boost across verticals, formats, and platforms.

Key platform updates include:
Most engaging in-app and desktop ad formats. SmartyAds DSP now features native, banner, video, push, and Connected TV formats on the platform for delivering world-class user experience within mobile, desktop, and Smart TV screens.

Streamlined workflow & responsive and clear UI. Thanks to customers’ feedback, the team redesigned the platform and make it more attractive and easy to use.

New targeting & stronger retargeting options. SmartyAds DSP reduces media buying costs with precise GPS targeting and more narrow retargeting options.

On-demand & customized analytics. On-demand analytics helps to create custom reports of any target metrics of the platform users want to show.

About SmartyAds
SmartyAds is a full-stack innovative programmatic advertising company devoted to developing best-in-class ad tech solutions that facilitate business growth and profit-maximization. SmartyAds develops cutting-edge programmatic platforms for algorithmic media buying and selling making them effective and safe by design with the help of AI, RTB-protocol, header bidding, SPO, advanced analytics, and other industry-specific technologies. Founded in 2013, SmartyAds has global headquarters in the US and UK with additional offices in Ukraine and Malaysia.

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Contact information
Anastasia Sul’zhyk
Tel.+1 516 243 1241
email: [email protected]

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