Maya Coin’s ICO Ended Early, U. K. Financial Ltd. Feels ICO Price is Undervalued

LONDON, ENGLAND, September 14, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — U. K. Financial Ltd. today announced it will end Maya Coin’s (MAYA) ICO on September 21, 2018 instead of the original October 26, 2018 date because the company feels the $0.02 USD price is undervalued. U. K. Financial Ltd. believes this move will benefit all Maya Coinholders. Listing Maya Coin on a national trading exchange will not only show the world Maya Coin’s true value, but will allow the financial markets to ultimately establish a initial value price for Maya Coin, which the company feels is more than $0.02 USD.

Maya Coin is currently in talks with Multiple major cryptocurrency exchanges and will make a decision on which exchange that the coin will be listed on. These cryptocurrency exchanges have all guaranteed a listing on their exchange for Maya coin within 30 days. They are very excited about Maya Coin’s business plan and giving unlimited amounts of airdrops (free coins) to Maya Coinholders as well as introducing mergers and acquisitions to the cryptocurrency world.

All investors that participate in Maya Coin’s ICO prior to September 21st 2018 will be locked in at the $0.02 USD price. Any future investors will need to purchase Maya Coin on the selected cryptocurrency exchange, which Maya Coin will announce shortly.

Maya Coin (MAYA) is poised to take the cryptocurrency industry to the next level and Beyond.

Maya Coin will be the first ever cryptocurrency token ever to bring mergers and acquisition to the crypto world. Maya Coin will not only use blockchain technology to perform acquisitions of existing blockchain technology companies, but will also be used to acquire all types of assets including the purchases of profitable private & public companies that are outside the blockchain technology industry.

Maya Coin will be used as a monetary instrument to acquire assets such as real estate, patents, existing profitable private and public companies along with other intellectual properties. Maya Coin also incubates development of business ideas and companies with high growth potential. Every acquisition, business idea or existing business that Maya Coin creates/acquires will then be put into its own cryptocurrency vehicle.

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