Wiby.me does not put emphasis on commercial content like other places do.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — This company excited to announce to promote this search engine, https://wiby.me/, and a call for donations to support its mission. This makes users to explore the search engine and discover how Google used to arrange their search results in the 2000’s.

https://wiby.me/ is a search engine that is dedicated to crawling personal websites that are self-hosted or on https://neocities.org/. It provides a platform for users to discover unique and interesting content that might not be found on other search engines.

As part of the promotion, users who visit https://wiby.me/ and make a donation to https://wiby.me/donate/ and make users think outside Google to explore life in the early 2000’s. Also this search engine does not put emphasis on commercial content like other places do.

“We are thrilled to call on our users to support https://wiby.me/ in its mission to make personal websites more discover able and show users that these search results will give you something more interesting than what you see on Bing and Google” said Jerry Doe, a user on Wiby.me. “Donations will help us continue to improve the search engine and provide a valuable resource for users.” According to another user.

PR Writers den encourages users to take advantage of this promotion and explore all that https://wiby.me/ has to offer.

About Wiby.me

In the early days of the web, pages were made primarily by hobbyists, academics, and computer savvy people about subjects they were personally interested in. Later on, the web became saturated with commercial pages that overcrowded everything else. All the personalized websites are hidden among a pile of commercial pages. Google isn’t great at finding them, its focus is on finding answers to technical questions, and it works well; but finding things you didn’t know you wanted to know, which was the real joy of web surfing, no longer happens. In addition, many pages today are created using bloated scripts that add slick cosmetic features in order to mask the lack of content available on them. Those pages contribute to the blandness of today’s web.

The Wiby search engine is building a web of pages as it was in the earlier days of the internet. In addition, Wiby helps vintage computers to continue browsing the web, as pages indexed are more suitable for their performance.


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