By Ginette Therrien

ARICHAT, NS, April 10, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Renowned storyteller Ginette Therrien invites readers to get started on an extraordinary literary journey with her latest novel, “The Truth Is in the Words.” This intriguing tales in the book explore the universal themes of family, friendship, and the enduring power of dreams, set against the backdrop of Cape Breton’s rugged beauty and the small town of Quebec.

“The Truth Is in the Words”: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection
In “The Truth Is in the Words,” Therrien transports readers to the rugged beauty of Cape Breton and Quebec. The book is a compilation of two stories, Noula’s Prayer and The House that Called me Home. First story unfolds as Jackie shares the heartwarming tales she’s learned from Noula-May Fortier, a blind resident at the seniors’ home where she works. In the latter one, we see Celine Drake’s quest to uncover the secrets of her family history leads her to St. Magloire, a place haunted by its past and filled with unexpected discoveries. Guided by recurring dreams, Celine delves deeper into her ancestral roots, encountering Estelle Garand, a kindred spirit whose history is intertwined with the enigmatic house that holds the key to Celine’s dreams.

A Prolific Author with a Substantial Body of Work
“The Truth Is in the Words” is a testament to Therrien’s exceptional storytelling abilities and her deep connection to the land and people of Cape Breton. With a substantial body of work that includes entertaining works of fiction, Therrien has established herself as a prolific and versatile writer. Her previous works have garnered critical acclaim and a loyal readership, showcasing her mastery of the written word and her ability to captivate readers with diverse themes and genres.

About Ginette Therrien
Ginette Therrien is a seasoned storyteller whose passion for writing stems from her deep connection to the land and people of Cape Breton and Quebec. Her writing is characterized by its emotional depth, vivid imagery, and keen insights into the human condition. Therrien resides in Cape Breton, where she continues to craft captivating tales that touch the hearts and minds of readers worldwide.

Other Notable Works by Ginette Therrien

In addition to “The Truth Is in the Words,” Therrien has authored several other notable works, including:
• A Raven’s Calling: Ghosts from the Fortress of Louisbourg
In “A Raven’s Calling: Ghosts from the Fortress of Louisbourg,” Therrien weaves a tale of mystery and intrigue. Tomas, a man found dead on a lonely beach, and Celine, a woman who leaves her past behind for a new life, find their lives intertwined in unexpected ways. As Celine uncovers the truth about Tomas’s death, history is rewritten, and the sacrifices made for love and truth are revealed.
• Three Titles: A Trifecta of Novellas
Therrien’s “Three Titles: A Trifecta of Novellas” offers a captivating collection of stories that will resonate with readers of all ages. “Written from Heaven” explores the journey of Wren, trapped within the walls of a country church, as she faces the truths of her life. “Sanctuary” introduces Dr. Pascale Miner, a retired psychiatrist who seeks solace in isolation, but finds unexpected companionship. “The Stories Live On” celebrates the resilience of Carolyn, who has overcome rejection and embraced the power of storytelling.

These works showcase Therrien’s versatility as a writer and her ability to explore diverse themes and genres, from historical mysteries to heartwarming tales of friendship and cultural exploration.

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