People have been navigating what to do and how to move forward. Despite the losses, the blaze has brought both residents of Louisville and non-residents together like never before…creating a stronger, more unified community.

DENVER, CO, March 30, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Right after Christmas 2021, a massive wildfire ripped through the town of Louisville burning over 1,000 homes to the ground. The incident began as a grass fire in Boulder County, CO on December 30th. Unfortunately, the blaze became the most destructive one in Colorado’s history in terms of structures destroyed—including homes and buildings.

Many people were underinsured, especially with how high construction costs have climbed. Additionally, new building codes and energy codes are forcing people to build higher-quality homes—which increases home-building costs too.

Over the last year, people have been navigating what to do and how to move forward. Since the blaze, Forge & Bow has been working with a few clients to get them back into their homes as quickly as possible. While houses are slowly being built due to constrained resources, some community members have resorted to selling their lots.

Though there are still many working towards rebuilding not just their homes, but their lives. Forge & Bow has dedicated time and resources to work with as many homeowners as they can to reconstruct homes within the beloved community. Whether it’s a renovation from the fire damage or a full and custom home build in Louisville, CO, they’ve taken up the gauntlet to support getting folks into new higher-quality homes.

Forge & Bow Dwellings is a forward-thinking boutique Design and Build firm located in Fort Collins, CO. We’re dedicated to providing the type of service that the modern world demands. Using a combination of artistry, architectural design, high character, and a personal touch, Forge & Bow strives to prove that there is a better way to Design and Build projects. It’s our desire to inspire architectural elements to shine while allowing modern convenience to thrive in your home.

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