“As the World Organization of Natural Medicine and I Change Nations Join Forces to Launch the Humanitarian Civility Councillor Initiative, we are embarking on a New Era in the Global Consciousness of Humanity and Civility.”

TORONTO, ON, August 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the face of challenging times, where despair and disconnection seem pervasive worldwide, the World Organization of Natural Medicine, in a powerful collaboration with I Change Nations Civility is proud to unveil a groundbreaking initiative: The Humanitarian Civility Councillor. This initiative is a significant step toward creative nation-building solutions, spearheaded by visionary leaders Dame Dr. Sheila McKenzie and Hon. Dr. Clyde Rivers.

As the shadows of division and discord recede, a collective awakening is sweeping across continents, transcending boundaries, and inspiring profound change.

People from various backgrounds and cultures are uniting under the influence of a shared vision of compassion and unity in order to foster a more peaceful and respectful world. In this new era, the power of empathy and understanding stands as a guiding light, shaping decisions, policies, and dialogues on a global scale.

Leaders, influencers, and ordinary citizens alike are heeding the call for civility, recognizing the tremendous impact of their actions on the collective human experience. Liberated from old paradigms, societies are embracing progressive solutions that address global challenges while upholding the principles of inclusivity and equality.

This profound shift is reverberating across educational institutions, corporate boardrooms, community gatherings, and public spaces, as people join hands to forge a legacy of unity and respect for all. Embarking on an extraordinary journey of transformation, humanity is laying the foundation for a future that celebrates diversity, embraces understanding, and fosters a profound sense of belonging.

As the world stands at the threshold of this momentous change, the power of empathy, kindness, and cooperation emerges as the catalyst for progress. Together, they offer the promise of a world where every voice is heard, every life is valued, and every dream can flourish.

By joining this resounding call to action, humanity is poised to unlock its true potential, creating a legacy of love, compassion, and hope for generations to come. The world witnesses a turning point in its history as global consciousness and civility converge, igniting a transformative era that will shape a future of unity, empowerment, and boundless possibilities.

Discover the Power of Humanitarian Values: As our world grapples with the loss of ancient wisdom from revered elders and a shortage of true guidance from leaders, The Humanitarian Civility Councillor initiative stands as a beacon of hope. Embracing humanitarian and civil strategies, this endeavour aims to restore harmony between mind, body and spirit while transforming the well-being of nations.

Calling All Changemakers: Entrepreneurs, business leaders, professionals, students, and community visionaries from every corner of the globe; this is your invitation to join a collective effort that will redefine the way we approach humanity’s challenges. Focusing on fostering humanitarian values and civility, this initiative places special emphasis on uplifting marginalized populations through targeted education.

Unleash Your Potential with the Humanitarian Civility Certification (HCC): The Humanitarian Civility Certification (HCC) lies at the heart of this transformative journey. Empowering you to unleash your potential and lead with purpose, HCC offers a unique blend of resources, professional growth, and community impact opportunities. By joining forces with the Humanitarian Civility Councillor, you can drive change, uplift underserved communities, and make a lasting difference on a global scale.

Time for Action: As countless underserved individuals suffer from the consequences of diseases, a lack of knowledge about basic self-care, ancestral wisdom and civility amplifies our present crisis. The Humanitarian Civility Councillor certification equips you to step into a leadership role in developing sustainable practices within communities. It empowers you to address modern lifestyle-related challenges by drawing on ancestral practices, fostering communication and nurturing a healthier, more balanced world.

Building Bridges and Strengthening Communities: Beyond the borders that divide us, this initiative seeks to foster international bonds that will build stronger, more resilient social structures. Together, we will forge connections that bridge cultures and create a united global front in the pursuit of harmony and progress.

Join the Global Movement: The World Organization of Natural Medicine and I Change Nations Civility invite you to be part of this historic global movement by becoming a Humanitarian Civility Councillor. Together, we will make a profound impact and usher in a new era of consciousness, humanity and civility that will reverberate for generations to come.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact:
Media Contact: Keisha Barnswell, B.Sc., RDH Organization: World Organization of Natural Medicine Email: info@wonm.org Phone: 416-756-9355

The World Organization of Natural Medicine is a leading international body committed to promoting natural and holistic approaches to health and well-being. Through education, research, and collaboration, we strive to empower individuals and communities to achieve optimal health and harmony.

I Change Nations Civility is an organization dedicated to fostering a culture of civility and respect in communities around the world. By promoting values such as kindness, compassion, and understanding, we seek to transform society and create a more harmonious and inclusive world.

Dame Dr. Sheila McKenzie is a renowned humanitarian and visionary leader in the field of natural medicine. With a wealth of experience and expertise, she has dedicated her life to promoting health, well-being, and human rights globally.

Hon. Dr. Clyde Rivers is an esteemed advocate for peace and civility. World Civility Leader, President of iChange Nations, and a world-renowned leadership trainer who has been training leaders for over 25 years. He created an impressive list of qualifications that he required from his students and does not hesitate to give feedback on how they are doing to help them grow as individuals or improve certain skills, such as listening more effectively. As an ambassador of goodwill, he has worked tirelessly to promote respect, unity, and positive changes across borders.

The Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine is a prestigious institution dedicated to advancing knowledge and expertise in humanitarian medicine. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, the college provides comprehensive education and training to shape the next generation of humanitarian leaders.

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