McMaster deftly weaves WWII in Ukraine, coming of age, antisemitism, forbidden marriage, PTSD, and substance abuse into a masterpiece of a novel that delivers a breathtaking story of love, courage, and sacrifice.

WILMINGTON, NC, May 02, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Aaron’s War is a harrowing and utterly brilliant coming-of-age, historical fiction story set against the backdrop of World War II. Aaron Vanko, an innocent Iowa farm boy, must wrestle with the ultimate test of humanity that so many veterans have faced: the willingness to kill in the name of duty. Aaron finds himself torn between his allegiance to his country and his personal belief system. Remarkably, just hours before deployment, a shocking revelation rocks his world: he discovers his Jewish heritage, shattering his sense of identity to its core.

Despite his sense of dread, Aaron forges ahead, driven by a profound sense of duty and patriotism. But now he finds he must battle on two fronts – the enemy forces without, sworn to wipe the Jewish race from the face of the earth, and the ethical dilemma within himself.

When the war is over and he at last steps back onto familiar soil, the now-vanquished demons of war morph into a new adversary: PTSD, a crippling affliction that haunts his every moment. He finds himself stripped of everything he once held dear, grappling with a darkness far more insidious than any enemy he faced on the battlefield. In this final harrowing struggle for survival, he leaves his new wife and child behind to fight not only for his own redemption but for the chance to reclaim the now scattered fragments of his shattered life.

Aaron’s War is at once gut-wrenching in its realism and elegant in its simplicity. It is a masterful piece of writing that will likely take its place as one of the best WWII historical fiction novels ever written.

“I wrote Aaron’s War,” McMaster stated, “to represent all the patriot soldiers who are not born killers, and in the end are most vulnerable to the ravages of PTSD.”

Readers and reviewers has have praised Aaron’s War. USA Today bestselling author Holly Roberts called Aarons War, “A coming of age story that grips your soul and takes you on a thought-provoking journey.” Tom Porter, author of All I Need To Know About Business I Learned From A Duck stated, “An engaging, informative and thought-provoking tale of survival, love and faith. Make room for Richard McMaster on your list of up-and-coming authors.” Lynn M. Safris said, “The descriptions and details given throughout this author’s writing draw the reader into each page, making Aaron’s journey feel like their own. I believe this book would appeal to a wide audience of readers. I truly enjoyed reading Aaron’s War and I highly recommend this book.”

Richard McMaster is also the author of A Love Divided By Time, described as “one part The Notebook, one part suspenseful psychopath story, and one part Somewhere in Time.” In that book, Forrest and Allie believed they found love in a previous life and being born again was a game of hide-and-seek to find each other in plain sight, seeking their better halves, united and whole. When tragedy strikes, Forrest makes a pact to find her killer, raise their daughter and find peace by joining her in the ever after.

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About Richard McMaster:

Richard McMaster is a former health care executive who led three different start-up companies and served on numerous boards. He is an Iowa native who lived in North Idaho for nearly twenty years and now resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

As a young man two career paths diverged, the safe and ready one and the less traveled lonely winding one with an uncertain destination–the writer. He chose the well-worn path and early career success pushed him further along the business path. But the path has now taken him back to the one he wished he had taken.


Richard McMaster

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