Complete with Complimentary GoPro Hero10, Only Until July 31, 2024!

VAN NUYS, CA, May 14, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — AvionTEq, a leading name in aviation technology solutions, is thrilled to announce its Mid-Year Deal, delivering unparalleled opportunities for aviation professionals to elevate their testing capabilities. In this limited-time offer, AvionTEq presents a compelling proposition for aviators and technicians alike, combining top-tier avionics test equipment with an exciting bonus: a FREE GoPro Hero10 camera with every confirmed purchase!

The aviation industry demands precision, reliability, and cutting-edge technology, and AvionTEq understands these needs implicitly. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, AvionTEq’s Mid-Year Deal brings forth an array of avionics test equipment, meticulously curated to meet the rigorous standards of modern aviation.

From pitot static adapters and air data accessory kits, transponder testers, data transfer units to temperature test sets, AvionTEq offers a comprehensive range of equipment designed to streamline testing procedures and ensure optimal aircraft performance. Whether you’re conducting routine maintenance or intricate troubleshooting tasks, AvionTEq’s products deliver accuracy and efficiency, empowering aviation professionals to uphold the highest safety standards.

AvionTEq goes the extra mile by sweetening the deal with a complimentary GoPro camera for every confirmed purchase. Capture your aviation adventures from breathtaking aerial perspectives, document crucial testing procedures, or simply immortalize the thrill of flight – the possibilities are endless with this versatile action camera.

“This Mid-Year Deal is our way of showing appreciation to our valued customers,” says Fred Bostani, CEO at AvionTEq.

But that’s not all – AvionTEq is excited to announce the availability of some highly demanded manufacturer and items to its website, including Nav-Aids Pitot static adapter and air data accessory kits, TT1000A, TT1200A, IFR6000, and IFR4000. These offerings further expand AvionTEq’s already comprehensive range of aviation testing solutions, ensuring that professionals have access to the latest and most advanced equipment for their needs.

AvionTEq’s Mid-Year Deal is available for a limited time only, so seize this opportunity to equip yourself with top-of-the-line avionics test equipment and claim your complimentary GoPro camera. Elevate your testing experience, capture every moment, and soar to new heights with AvionTEq.

For more information and to take advantage of this exclusive offer, visit AvionTEq’s Mid-Year Deal or contact their dedicated team of aviation experts today.

About AvionTEq:

AvionTEq is a trusted provider of aviation technology solutions, offering a wide range of avionics test equipment, aircraft instruments, and maintenance tools. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, AvionTEq serves the aviation industry with excellence and integrity. AvionTEq serves a wide array of clients including airlines, maintenance facilities, and government agencies worldwide. For further information, visit or reach out to

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