Launches Pioneering New Ai feature with BeOp Generative Content

PARIS, FRANCE, December 15, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — BeOp, the leader in conversational advertising, proudly introduces its latest feature, BeOp Generative Content, marking a significant leap forward for publishers and advertisers at the intersection of content creation and ad creative technology and automation. This innovative feature leverages generative artificial intelligence (genAi) to simplify and accelerate the development of conversational content, starting with BeoP’s compelling poll and quiz formats.

BeOp connects premium advertisers with premium publishers through a seamlessly integrated programmatic tech stack centered on ad experiences that attract user attention and invite response. The company’s unique tag-on-page relationship with premium publishers enables it to deliver hyper-precise contextual (exact-match keyword) forecasting and ad targeting with “in-article” ad placements. Ad units exactly align to the pages where they are displayed and invite users to respond to contextually-related ad content as they interact with ad units – strengthening 1st-party engagement.

BeOp Generative Content is an genAi-based technology extension that allows publishers and advertisers to automatically generate ad content that invites users to respond and interact. This feature relies on advanced algorithms that understand market trends, user preferences, and ad campaign objectives and other data to create highly-engaging content with conversational flow. The new solution addresses the challenges of discerning users’ interests to formulate relevant questions and answers, making it an invaluable tool for campaign performance and success. The launch release uses ChatGPT, and BeOp can enable customers to plug in any other genAi of their choosing.

Key Features of BeOp Generative Content:

• Automated Creation: Generate content instantly, reducing the time required for production.

• Adaptability: Customize content based on audience preferences, marketing goals, and current trends.

• Continuous Optimization: Learn and evolve through self-optimization features based on past performances.

• Versatility: Suited for a diverse range of content, from advertisements to blog articles.

This new feature aligns with BeOp ‘s vision to infuse open web content and ad experiences with the essence of how social media content and advertising is created and consumed. By integrating BeOp Generative Content, publishers and advertisers can reimagine their approach to personalized online communication with audiences, increasing content relevance and campaign performance.

“BeOp Generative Content marks a significant milestone in our commitment to constant innovation. We believe this groundbreaking feature will transform how publishers and advertisers connect with their audiences to build brand value, opening new possibilities for creativity and marketing effectiveness,” says Romain Cauchois, Chief Publisher Officer & Global partnerships at BeOp.

Global digital ad spend could exceed US$800 Billion in another 3 years, with a significant portion of that spending consumed by the largest social media Walled Gardens. Simultaneously, by some estimates, more than 80% of digital ad spend is transacted programmatically. In this context, along with strong trends in privacy regulation and the deprecation of 3rd-party cookies, BeOp is positioning ahead of the curve to deliver dynamic, programmatic contextual ad solutions for the open web that use social media techniques to engage users with tracking users with 3rd-party cookies.

“Outstanding ad creatives that are relevant to the context in which they’re served are essential to campaign performance. We’re delivering dynamic contextual ad creative for our advertiser clients with seamless programmatic integration into the context and premium inventory of our publisher partners to help everyone win the attention battle and drive better results, while also saving time and resources,” says Nicholas Sadki, Chief Operating Officer at BeOp.

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About BeOp:
BeOp is an independent martech and adtech company that operates cookieless conversational formats on premium media. The company currently has 25 employees in France and the US and already works with over 50% of the top 200 French advertisers and 90% of premium publishers. BeOp’s conversational approach offers new communication possibilities for brands and media. BeOp’s SaaS platform is available at for publishers, advertisers and agencies.

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