Miami Actor Carlos Guerrero ( announces his run for SAG-AFTRA Miami National Board Member

MIAMI, FL, May 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Miami Actor Carlos Guerrero announces his run for SAG-AFTRA Miami National Board Member. “I have to be a part of the change in representation for this election so that our fellow members will all be treated with dignity,” says Guerrero who details his reason for running on this video.
Carlos says he is part of a huge movement of union members who have had enough of the way they are being misrepresented. He believes SAG-AFTRA should get back to working for the members and not partake in pushing political or personal agendas.

“Some of these agendas may not align with all the members’ beliefs and may even be considered offensive and disrespectful.”

Carlos Guerrero promised, “I will be a fearless voice and advocate for all members’ right to work without any kind of discrimination because I am one of you and because we all deserve dignity!”
Carlos says, “I trusted we had people in place that were doing what was best for all of us working members. In 2020 everything changed for me. The pandemic brought my work to a halt, and what I experienced opened my eyes to a reality I could have never imagined. Thousands of SAG-AFTRA members were being discriminated against, segregated, and coerced into doing things that would put their health and lives at risk by the very union that promised to protect them. This pushed me into getting involved. I couldn’t stay with crossed arms. I had to do something.”
“Carlos Guerrero has proven himself a courageous and tireless advocate for our members. As a full-time working actor, Carlos understands well the erosion of our employment contracts, and the failings of our current leadership. The Miami local needs a fighter at the helm, and that man is Carlos Guerrero.” – Peter Antico, 2023 SAG-AFTRA Secretary-Treasurer candidate.
Guerrero became a member of SAG in 2006, because he wanted the protection a union offers for their members. He also wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps as Jorge Raul Guerrero, too, was a proud and faithful member of the Screen Actors Guild for decades until passing away in 1991. Carlos heard the tales of his father’s life in Cuba before having to flee to the United States to regain the freedom that was taken away from him by the communist Castro regime.
“I am not famous,” claims Carlos Guerrero who adds, “I am a working actor who depends on opportunities to audition and book work to make a living out of my God given talent. Acting is not my hobby or a part time gig, but a Do or Die, Make or Break situation.”
Guerrero says he repeatedly reached out to the Local Miami Board Members who ignored him. He then reached out to SAG-AFTRA’s National Headquarters and claims they, too, ignored him. Out of frustration, he recorded a video to tell his story. “I was surprised at the overwhelming response from thousands of fellow members who were going through the same experience. Almost everyone who I spoke with, including some very famous members, did not want to speak out publicly or be mentioned in fear of repercussions. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Our God given freedom of speech is protected by our First Amendment!”
Guerrero added, “Observing the fear so many members had prompted me to produce my first video with a compilation of brave members who dared to be vocal and risk the despicable repercussions many of us endured for speaking out. Some of us were dumped by agents and blacklisted by casting directors, but many others gave us more opportunities. I never expected the reactions and support I received from the video nor that it would garner half a million views and would later develop into a series “Discriminated SAG-AFTRA Members” .

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