New loan option offers reduced installment payment amounts

DEL PLAINES, IL, July 21, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — “For the millions of consumers who find it difficult or impossible to get a loan from a traditional financial institution,” states Kevin Donahue, senior district manager for online lender, “there are many alternative lending options that put these folks in an even worse financial situation.

“The savings and installment loan offered by, by contrast, delivers so many benefits that are stacked in our customers’ favor,” he continues. “And now we’re pleased to introduce the latest exciting advantage: a 15-month loan with budget-friendly installment payments.”

It’s Simple: Cash Loans + Savings!SM

With the savings and installment loan, customers get the money they need for immediate expenses.

“The savings and installment loan is special,” says Kevin, “because a portion of the loan amount goes into a secure savings account. As a customer pays off their loan, the savings account accrues interest and grows, and when the loan is paid off in full, the customer gets full access to the funds in the savings account.

“Customers find themselves in a much brighter financial situation,” he adds, “with savings that provide financial stability.”

New 15-month loan option offers reduced installment payments

Since its introduction to customers in Illinois and Oregon, the savings and installment loan has offered a 12-month installment plan, during which time customers paid off their loans and built their savings.

“New customers can now choose our 15-month installment option,” says Kevin, “with lower payment amounts than the 12-month installment option. And most current customers with 12-month loans can refinance their loan into our new 15-month option to reduce the amount they pay with each installment.

“For a new $4,000 loan, which is the maximum available,” he continues, “our new 15-month installment option reduces the twice-monthly payments from $197.95 for the 12-month installment loan down to $165.19, twice monthly.

“With a lower installment payment,” Kevin notes, “customers have more cash on hand for the things they need or want.

“All the other benefits of our loan,” he adds, “including the quick and easy application process, same-day funding and our responsive customer service, remain the same.”

Giving customers the chance to build a positive credit history

“Another feature that doesn’t change is one of our most valuable long-term benefits,” Kevin points out. “We give customers the chance to build their credit history as they pay off their loan.

“ reports payments to one of three major credit bureaus once a month on our customers’ behalf,” he continues. “Building a positive credit history by making timely payments on their loan can help our customers when they buy a home or a car, rent an apartment or apply for a job.”

Round-the-clock online convenience backed by attentive customer service

Customers in Illinois and Oregon can apply for the savings and installment loan by visiting the website or by contacting a customer service representative at 888-599-5077. Illinois customers can also visit the location on Chicago’s South Side at 95th and Halsted Streets.

“All of us at are excited about our new 15-month installment loan option,” Kevin concludes. “We’re proud to add it to the long list of advantages our loans provide to customers.”

About, headquartered in suburban Chicago, gives customers in Illinois and Oregon an easy way to build savings and get funded for an installment loan through a quick and simple online application process.

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