From immunity boosters to focus enhancers, Amphi Botanical’s new all natural beverages will serve the daily needs of health conscious users.

LONDON, ENGLAND, March 16, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In early April, Amphi Botanicals is releasing their first range of all natural functional beverages in the United Kingdom. As the health conscious movement continues to rise, the supplements and wellness industry is becoming overwhelming. Amphi Botanicals makes this simple with quality ingredients and easy to use formulas based entirely on benefits. The startup blends the worlds of conventional nutrition and holistic wellness practices to serve comprehensive solutions for health conscious users.

Packaged in single-serving sachets, the all natural formulas have been carefully created to conveniently provide a particular benefit. The first beverage introduced is an orange immunity drink, containing a blend of vitamins and an immunity-boosting mushroom known as Reishi. Beverages for focus, relaxation, and beauty will also be released in the coming months. Each beverage contains a mixture of vitamins and minerals, along with key herbs and mushrooms called adaptogens. Adaptogens have been used in ancient healing practices for centuries, and their health benefits are now being backed by scientific research.

The formulas can easily be mixed with water to form a full-sized beverage. The beverage can be enjoyed daily as needed.

Founded by a Middle Eastern Nutritionist and Herbalist, Amphi Botanicals aims to blend the worlds of science and spirituality, mysticism and empirical evidence for the most nourishing blends to suit every user’s needs. The startup aims to find a healthy middle ground in a world that’s heavily polarised, moving away from a “this or that” mentality.

Amphi Botanicals is launching in the United Kingdom in early April, introducing a range of functional beverages to serve the daily needs of health conscious users.

Amphi Botanicals makes health easy and accessible by serving all-natural functional beverages that are easy to use and based entirely on benefits.

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