New feature of combining short linear stocks (profiles, tubes, beams, etc.) introduced in the material cut optimization add-in 1DCutX for Excel, offering improved control options for customized cutting jobs in diverse production environments.

KITCHENER, ON, July 11, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Firms engaged in metal fabrication, woodworking, and construction often grapple with the challenge of cutting linear materials like profiles, tubes, and beams. The traditional approach typically involves deriving smaller parts from larger stock pieces. However, scenarios frequently arise where the desired part lengths surpass the lengths available in stock.

Confronted with this challenge, companies could either opt for procuring longer stocks, thus incurring increased expenditure and time or alternatively, they could strategically combine shorter pieces from existing stock to fulfill the required part lengths.

Nonetheless, combining stocks can be complex, with the task’s intricacy escalating exponentially based on the variety of available lengths.

Responding to this challenge, Optimalon Software has successfully developed and launched version 8.4 of its cutting optimization add-in, 1DCutX for Microsoft Excel. This innovative tool automates the process of identifying the most efficient combinations of shorter stocks.

With the updated 1DCutX, users can now determine whether they wish to allow stock combinations for their individual projects. The new feature extends control over the combination of both, current stocks and waste ones – the latter being leftovers from previous projects.

To enhance precision, users can determine the number of distinct lengths to be combined. Selecting one length forces the algorithm to repeat the combination of the same length as per the requirement of part lengths. While this option might not always yield the most optimal layout due to the added restriction on the algorithm, it could prove advantageous for production facilities that operate with a single length at a time.

Since its first release in 2010, 1DCutX is still the only unique cutting optimization solution that is fully integrated into Microsoft Excel, working seamlessly from within.

The last years of development brought some new features that had been requested by users from all around the world, such as layout or waste minimization, angle cutting, using waste leftovers from previous projects and many more.

With only one payment of $97 for a lifetime, users of 1DCutX reported monthly savings in materials alone, ranging from $200 to $1500. The software pays for itself in less than a month and does not required any maintenance or support fees.

A free trial version of 1DCutX is available on Optimalon’s website:

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