The Paraguayan company ICP S.A. (short for Industrias Citrícolas de Paraguay) is in the middle of the approval process for its initial public offering in Paraguay.

ASUNCION, PARAGUAY, April 09, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — The company will produce orange juice concentrate, orange oil and other citrus products. The industrial plant being built in the suburb of Nueva Italia, about 30 kilometers outside the capital Asunción, will be the largest citrus products factory in the South American country.

It took about two years to manufacture the components for the new factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and now assembly is scheduled to start soon in Paraguay. The industrial complex is expected to be completed and ready for production by August this year.

The company was founded in 2020 by German-Paraguayan entrepreneur Carsten Pfau, and many European investors have since invested in the company. Now that prices for juice concentrate have risen dramatically on the world markets and there is no reversal of this trend in sight, the value of ICP S.A. shares has also risen significantly. Nevertheless, Pfau believes that few shareholders will want to sell their shares.

“ICP has an extremely good dividend outlook in the current market environment, so the investment made by our investors will pay off quickly. I think it is rather unlikely that our shareholders will sell shares, on the contrary – the shares reserved for our IPO could even be oversubscribed,” Pfau said on the sidelines of an investment conference in Brazil last week. “ICP is a dividend stock that promises strong returns over many decades,” the German investor added.

The world’s largest orange producers have been struggling with declining harvests for years, and the continuing shortage has led to ever higher prices for juice concentrate. The bacterial disease Huanglongbing (also known as Greening Disease), which is fatal to citrus plants, is causing serious problems for plantation owners in Brazil, the USA and Mexico, but climate change and sociological changes are also contributing to increasingly poor crop yields.

In Paraguay, Brazil’s neighbor, conditions are ideal for growing oranges, and national production is on the rise. Production costs and taxes are low, and the list of location advantages is long. Juice concentrate, orange oil and other citrus products can be produced cheaply and sold at record prices on the world market. Investors could hardly find better conditions.

The financial world is eagerly awaiting the company’s IPO, which is scheduled for the second half of the year.

About Agri Terra and Carsten Pfau

The Agri Terra Group, led by CEO Carsten Pfau, is involved in agricultural and real estate projects in Paraguay together with international investors. Its involvement focuses primarily on the development of citrus plantations, the production of orange juice and concentrate, the cultivation of fruit and vegetables in greenhouses and large-scale cattle breeding. In addition to real estate and hotel projects, the group is also active in land acquisition. Founded in 2012, the company is also involved in wholesale and retail projects, television productions and foundation work.

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