ROMTech is on a mission to change the industry for the better.

BROOKFIELD, CT, September 28, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — ROMTech®, a trailblazing medtech company focused on the field of post-surgery physical rehabilitation, proudly announces its inclusion in The Business Report’s “The Top 25 Companies of Connecticut for 2023“. Through its high standard of ethics and its ground-breaking product, the PortableConnect® adaptive telemed technology, ROMTech has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing an industry that has recently seen an alarming uptick in frauds and scams.

ROMTech’s success in earning a spot on this prestigious list is a result of its remarkable commitment to revolutionizing physical rehabilitation, particularly for patients recovering from knee replacement surgery. In an industry seeing more and more unethical practices and litigation, ROMTech stands out as a beacon of ethical excellence and innovation.

The cornerstone of ROMTech’s success is its unwavering commitment to ethics, putting a genuine patient-centric approach at the forefront of everything it does. While others in the industry have faced lawsuits and controversies, ROMTech has consistently upheld the highest standard of ethical conduct, maintaining a high benchmark for responsible business practices. Along with dramatically improving patient care and physical rehabilitation, the company’s mission is to bring trust and integrity back into the medical technology sector.

ROMTech’s flagship product, the PortableConnect technology, has played a pivotal role in reshaping physical rehabilitation following knee replacement surgery. This innovative device offers patients a cutting-edge solution that enhances their recovery by enabling them to complete rehab in the safety and comfort of home, while remaining under remote clinical supervision throughout the entire recovery journey. The PortableConnect device employs cutting-edge technology to provide real-time data and assistance to both patients and healthcare providers, thereby facilitating a more streamlined and effective recovery.

Peter Arn, the visionary CEO of ROMTech, has been instrumental in driving the company’s success. With a deep commitment to ethical business practices, Arn has led ROMTech to new heights, earning the trust of knee replacement patients and healthcare providers alike. One of the key ways ROMTech has earned this trust is by executing a business model in which everything from product development to customer support is painstakingly tested with patients and care providers and then refined based on feedback from these real-world product users. Under Arn’s leadership, ROMTech has become synonymous with integrity, innovation, and excellence in the medical technology sector.

Knee replacement patients and healthcare providers can anticipate a brighter and more dependable future as ROMTech continues to gain recognition for its ethical approach and innovative solutions. With the PortableConnect at the forefront of its mission, ROMTech is transforming the knee replacement industry by providing patients with the tools they need for successful recoveries, while simultaneously safeguarding the industry’s integrity.

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About ROMTech:
ROMTech, short for ROM Technologies, Inc.®, is a pioneering medtech company dedicated to reshaping the world of physical rehabilitation. With a strong commitment to ethics and innovation, ROMTech is revolutionizing the sector through its groundbreaking product, the PortableConnect adaptive telemed technology. Led by CEO Peter Arn, ROMTech is on a mission to restore trust and integrity to medical technology.

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