Implemented across the globe, Sivoo and FuriosaAI will offer users video inference and LLM rendering capabilities

PHILADELPHIA, PA, January 30, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sivoo, a global network supporting multicultural on-demand entertainment programming and development of AI related modelling, has announced that it will incorporate FuriosaAI’s advanced AI accelerator into servers across their private cloud network.

“We are thrilled to partner with FuriosaAI, a leading AI chip manufacturer of high-performance accelerators, to deploy their products in our data centers,” says Sean Berner, Chief Technology Officer at Sivoo. Furiosa’s WARBOY accelerator card will deliver super-resolution upscaling and other high-quality computer vision services to Sivoo’s customers across SivooCloud.

“WARBOY’s superior performance-per-watt will lower total cost of ownership, deliver the best value for our customers, and provide a cost-effective way to scale AI features to new markets,” Berner says. “WARBOY is available via Hugging Face Optimum, which gives us access to the most advanced and diverse models in the AI community.”

Tom Gallivan, FuriosaAI’s Vice President of North America Sales and Business Development, added “FuriosaAI is excited to collaborate with Sivoo to deliver cutting edge computer vision and generative AI services to underserved global markets

Sivoo is also working with Furiosa to deploy the company’s accelerator card for large language models and other generative AI tasks.

“Furiosa’s next generation accelerator will enable us to run ChatGPT-scale models with superior performance-per-watt, unlocking new possibilities for our AI applications and services,” Berner says.

Gallivan qualified by stating, “Our WARBOY accelerator will improve video quality, reduce content file sizes and lower bit rates, enabling Sivoo to provide the most cost-effective content delivery platform in the industry. Furiosa’s second-generation hardware platform, coming later this year, is specifically designed for Large Language Models, so Sivoo can implement chatbots and other open-source AI tools for markets around the globe.”

Furiosa’s WARBOY went into mass production in 2023 and has been very well received among the development community. The company’s second hardware product, a highly efficient accelerator card for large language models and other generative AI applications, will enter production in Q2 of 2024.

About FuriosaAI
FuriosaAI is a global technology company founded in 2017 to build a new kind of AI-specific computer chip for data center and enterprise deployment. Our hardware products are designed to run everything from object detection services to large language models and other generative AI applications. Because Furiosa’s processors and production-ready software stack deliver both world-class performance and unmatched power efficiency, they significantly lower the total cost of ownership for businesses of all sizes.

Furiosa is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, with offices in California’s Silicon Valley and in Germany.

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About Sivoo
Founded in 2000, Sivoo pioneered a digital streaming network of on-demand multicultural entertainment over the Internet. With users in over 100 countries, it serves telcos and mobile operators across the world with thousands of hours of quality on-demand content that is available in both freemium (ad-supported) and subscription platforms for PCs, TVs, and mobile devices. In parallel to video streaming, AI development is growing on its SivooCloud daily through strategic partnerships.

Sivoo is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

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