A gripping Turkish thriller translated for the first time in Italy by the publishing house Le assassine which has a seamstress as its lead character

MILANO, ITALY, January 30, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Farahnaz’s flower” has been in distribution since November 2023, published by Edizioni le Assassine in the “Oltreconfine” series, translated by Nicola Verderame.

We are in the seventies and Turkey is shaken by profound economic and social difficulties, however in Kilic, a residential area, where engineers and doctors working in the mining complex adjacent to the city of Zonguldak on the Black Sea coast live, life flows peacefully and carefree , including evenings at the cinema, canasta games, dances and dinners. The small community of officials is in fact very united and neighborly relations are characterized by maximum solidarity until the wife of the director of the mining plants is found dead. The murder of the young woman is attributed to the town’s madman, however Yildiz, wife of one of the engineers, a devourer of crime novels and a seamstress by passion, is not satisfied with this convenient solution. As a keen observer, she accumulates clues that lead her to very different conclusions.

But the main character of the novel is also captivating because of her way of being: thanks to her, all the women in the neighborhood have a voice; each of them talks about their feelings and emotions: the anguish of a child who doesn’t arrive, the joy of one who is arriving, the sadness of a mother who accompanies her blind daughter in the green woods, up to the anger of a woman who always felt unwanted. Different “voices of women”, which deep down are linked to an incessant desire to be good mothers, but also to still be daughters.

An exciting mystery, capable not only telling the true face of evil, but of closely investigating the motivations of those who choose to stain themselves with blood to reach the highest peaks. A text awarded in 2019 as the best mystery novel of the year, capable of offering a true portrait of a Turkish town before the 1980 coup d’état.

About author
YAPRAK ÖZ was born in 1973. She attended the TED College in Zonguldak Koleji and the Faculty of American Culture and Literature at Istanbul University. You have published poems, short stories and essays in numerous magazines and anthologies in Turkey and abroad. Her poems have been translated into numerous languages, including English, Greek and Swedish. You are a member of the Crime Writers Union of Turkey and PEN International. You have published five poetry collections and eight novels, four of which feature Yıldız Alatan.

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