Lil Mama’s ‘It’s Poppin’ Collection Sets a New Standard for Iconic Beauty

NEW YORK, NY, February 17, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — In an exhilarating partnership, hip-hop icon Lil Mama, together with the luxury beauty brand Vaniteaset Cosmetics, proudly announces the launch of ¼ of the ‘It’s Poppin’ lip gloss collection “Truly In Love.” The collection is inspired by her chart-topping single “Lip Gloss” from her debut album “Voice Of The Young People,” Lil Mama collaborates with her sisters Jasmyn, Jessica, and La’Nya Brunner to introduce a line that celebrates her legacy and paves the way for the future of beauty.

The ‘It’s Poppin’ collection, born from a fusion of Lil Mama’s dynamic influence and Vaniteaset’s commitment to quality, debuts as a new era in the beauty industry. It introduces four distinct shades that embody the essence of empowerment, nostalgia, and deep familial ties that the sisters share.

Collection Highlights
Truly in Love (OUT NOW): A hot pink gloss that embodies confidence and passion. Its glass-like hue envelops your lips, making a bold statement that ignites the vivacity within.
Strike a Pose: A clear gloss that enhances natural beauty, offering a subtle shine for timeless elegance. This gloss epitomizes understated beauty, perfect for elevating any look.
The Voice: A light pink gloss that speaks volumes of confidence and self-expression. Delicate yet impactful, it encourages you to embrace and express your unique voice.
College Girl: A rich brown gloss symbolizing sophistication and ambition. Versatile and empowering, it adds a warm, earthy tone to your lips, perfect for any setting, from the boardroom to social gatherings.

Lil Mama remarks, “It’s been a long time coming. “Lipgloss” has contributed to the success of many cosmetic brands worldwide. Now it my turn, I’ve entered that chat! This is redemption for me.”

Each gloss in the collection is designed with a premium formula that enhances the natural lip color of all shades, ensures hydration, and offers all-day elegance. Priced at $22 each, these shades are exclusively available at, representing the pinnacle of beauty and assurance.

In an exciting twist, the ‘It’s Poppin’ collection is part of a special Collector’s Edition. Fans collecting all four shades will automatically enter a sweepstake to win prizes. This initiative adds an element of excitement and exclusivity!

Shop “Truly In Love” today at

About Vaniteaset Cosmetics
Vaniteaset Cosmetics is a luxury beauty brand that champions innovation and high-quality products to empower individuals to showcase their unique style and personality. Founded on the principle of family collaboration, Vaniteaset represents a joint venture between Lil Mama and her sisters, encapsulating a shared vision for the future of beauty. Discover ¼ of the ‘It’s Poppin’ lip gloss collection “Truly in Love” and more about Vaniteaset Cosmetics by following @VaniteasetCosmetics on Instagram and visiting

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