More than 116,800 people are injured annually in vehicle crashes on snowy, slushy or icy roads

BOWLING GREEN, KY, January 10, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — As the winter months are underway with snowy and icy weather imminent, Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers urges motorists to exercise extreme caution and prioritize safety. According to recent statistics from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), each year, 24 percent of weather-related vehicle crashes occur on snowy, slushy, or icy pavement, with 15 percent of these auto accidents happening during snowfall or sleet.

The FHWA data further reveals that over 1,300 people lose their lives, and more than 116,800 people sustain injuries in vehicle crashes on snowy, slushy, or icy pavement annually. Moreover, nearly 900 people are killed, and nearly 76,000 people are injured in vehicle crashes during snowfall or sleet each year.

Winter weather brings unique challenges to road safety with slippery and hazardous road surfaces significantly increasing the likelihood of accidents, and the consequences for serious injuries can be devastating.

“As winter takes hold, it is crucial for drivers to adapt their behavior and adopt safety precautions to ensure their well-being and that of others on the road,” said Lee Coleman, Attorney and Founding Partner of Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers. “Our law firm is dedicated to advocating for victims of winter weather-related car accidents and providing the legal support they need if they have been injured due to another’s negligence on the road.”

To help prevent winter weather-related accidents, Hughes & Coleman recommends the following safety tips:

1) Slow Down: Reduce your speed in adverse weather conditions and maintain a safe following distance.
2) Use Winter Tires: Ensure your vehicle is equipped with appropriate tires designed for snowy and icy conditions.
3) Stay Informed: Monitor weather forecasts and road conditions before embarking on a journey.
4) Keep a Safe Distance: Increase your following distance to allow for extended braking in slippery conditions.
5) Brake and Accelerate Gently: Avoid sudden movements to prevent skidding.

As winter weather is sure to impact road safety in the coming months, Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers remains committed to providing legal support and advocating for those injured in winter weather-related car accidents. Hughes & Coleman has attorneys with extensive experience in personal injury law and are dedicated to assisting Kentucky and Tennessee residents who have experienced severe injuries from auto accidents, big truck wrecks, and motorcycle accidents as a result of winter weather road conditions.

The Bowling Green personal injury lawyers at Hughes & Coleman assist clients in dealing with the insurance companies, helping to increase the value of cases so that clients get the most money possible. Recent successful cases include the Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers team obtaining a $500,000 settlement in a hit and run collision and a $850,000 car wreck settlement.

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